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Mind Vector- The Best App on the Apple Watch!

It’s a proud day for us.. We present to you the much awaited Apple Watch version of your favorite Mind Vector. With Apple Watch on your wrist, you can view maps, individual nodes, links and notes without taking out your iPhone out at all .

Let’s cut the chase and enjoy the first look of the gorgeous app..

Mind Vector on Apple WatchWe hope you will love it.. Do share your views via comments..

Note: To use the app, Download version 3.3 of Mind Vector iOS and Switch on the Bluetooth to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch. As soon as you do that Mind Vector app with all the maps will be visible on your Smart watch. Get going..


Mind Vector: Celebrating 500,000+ Downloads

Mind Vector Mac at 20% off

Mind Vector Mac at 20% off

We are so excited to announce that Mind Vector, one of the most popular mind mapping app has crossed the 500,000 Downloads mark and we are celebrating it with 20% Off on the Mac App and 20% off on the Yearly Subscription on Web.
Mind Vector Web 20% off

Mind Vector Web 20% off

Mind Vector’s worldwide launch has been one of our most successful app launch so far. We hope that Mind Vector has helped you capture and build on your ideas and projects.
These are still early days and we have a very long way to go. However, we like to celebrate our small moments.
 On behalf of the whole Mind Vector Team, we would like to thank you for your support and engagement.Become a part of the celebration and get Mind Vector at 20% Discount.



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