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How to Create Mind Maps to Connect Ideas

Mind mapping is an immensely popular visual technique that helps people focus on their ideas and plans. By utilizing, mind mapping techniques it is possible to  create a better working scenario for yourself and be much more productive than you ever have been. Mind mapping is a very simple and effective process that uses a flowchart like presentation in order to spread out ideas and help you connect them in a manner that would prove pragmatic towards your final goal.

There are different mind mapping software available online that you can use to create effective mind maps. There are many mind mapping software, that  you can use online or install on your computers for creating impeccable mind maps and connect your ideas in a better manner. 

Here’s how you can use mind maps to connect ideas:

  1. Spread Out Your Ideas
    Mind maps work only when you can spread out your ideas in a manner that they are all visible to you. The key to creating an effective mind map is to note down all the thoughts and ideas that you have on your mind and convert them to mind maps . You can choose to write them down in a manner that they are all have their own space and are clearly visible to you. This can be done either by using a pen and paper or on a mindmapping software of your choice.
  2. Analyse Your Ideas
    Second step in the process of creating an effective mind map is to analyse the ideas that you have noted down. For instance, if you plan to write a book using mind maps, you need to connect the similar ideas to form a chapter. Once you analyse your ideas, giving each idea enough consideration, you are ready for the next step.
  3. Clubbing Similar Ideas Together
    This step involves a lot of work since after analysis you need to club the ideas that have a similar basic structure or aim at achieving a common goals. Club the similar ideas so that all ideas that work towards a single purposes are together. Note down the ultimate goal and purpose of each of these clubs, as this will help you in the next step.
  4. Create a Priority Chain
    The next step involves prioritising the ideas that you have clubbed together. You need to create a logical chain between your ideas that can interlink. The ultimate goal of each of these ideas would  help you in doing this. After you have created a logical chain, you need to prioritise this chain in an order that will guide you towards your goal.
  5. Create a Final Logic Chain Connecting Your Ideas
    The final step in the process of creating mind maps to connect ideas involves forming the final chain connecting all our basic ideas that are collected into larger clubs. These clubs are connected with a logical chain that is guiding you towards your final goal.

Hence, mind mapping technique is an effective way in which you can organise your ideas and confidently drive your efforts towards your final goal. Connecting ideas using mind maps is effective because this visual technique helps you organise and prioritise your plans and manage them accordingly.

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How to Use Mind Map: A Guide to Use Mind mapping for Education

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Mind Mapping for Project Work

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Creating Start-up Pitch with Mind Maps

Nervous about putting together a start-up pitch to explain your big idea to investors or potential clients? This comes as no big surprise really. Let’s face it. Taking that first step toward entrepreneurship is indeed a daunting task. It’s natural to be assailed with doubts and fears pertaining to your business proficiency, performance, and financial know-how. Nonetheless, building a winning pitch is extremely important to sell your exciting new start-up plan to the investors, so that they can make the most appropriate decision. In simple terms, it’s a do-or-die scenario, one if not dealt with efficiently, can kill productivity and have a debilitating impact on your business.

Mind Mapping for Start-up Pitch

One great resource for an effective outcome is mind mapping with a brainstorming software. The powerful tool not only helps overcome the initial apprehensions but brings the much-needed clarity in the thought process. It is an ideal way to create an impressive presentation, explore the concept on a larger scale and put it in the right context. The technique which is a combination of imagery, visual elements, colour and strategic arrangements has the potential to engage the audience’s attention. Moreover, mind maps are easy to understand and remember.

Steps to create a start-up pitch with the best free online mind map:

Organized plan

Use a mind-mapping tool to prepare an organized plan of the new venture. This should include all aspects such as the product and services, the financial scheme, web design, company overview, the strategy, implementation procedure, management and also the market analysis.

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A mind map is a perfect tactic to explain the overall business model in a visual manner. The approach makes it easier for investors, start-up colleagues and partners to process the information and grasp the concept that is being pitched.

Bigger picture

As an entrepreneur, you can use the mind mapping method to present your ideas with clarity in an interactive format. Through the process, you can focus on specifics, communicate the big picture and drill down all the important details pertaining to the start-up.

Add vital cues

This powerful medium can add credence to your ideas and make them noteworthy by including vital cues like colours, images, and different shapes.  Also, secondary information can be integrated with text notes, documents, files, folders and links to websites to deliver your plans more efficiently.

Conceptual view

Graphs, images, and charts in mind maps should be uncluttered with clear compelling points so that your collaborators get a systemic, conceptual view of your subject. The mind mapping app also enhances the way you generate, handle and exchange information.

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Presenter mode

You can impress your audience with the presentation mode, a special feature that animates your maps and lets branches grow naturally on topics that you need to focus on. With the presentation mode, you can zoom around your mind map and fold or magnify the nodes in ways that would make sense to your patrons.

There is a wide spectrum of mind mapping software available, but if you are looking for a cutting edge presentation tool, then the Mind Vector is just right for you. The app is a great way to create maps for new concepts, plan projects and transmit ideas. It allows you to add a picture into the node and is equipped with the best Mac visualiser that makes the entire data accessible in a single screen. To crown matters, Mind Vector is free and available on Google Play Store & Mac store.

Apparently, executing a good start-up pitch for investors is really not so challenging. If a right approach is adopted with the help of the best free mapping software like Mind Vector, the process will elevate your confidence level, infuse new energy and vision into your start-up plans.

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Create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy with a Mind Map

Digital Marketing strategy

The dimensions of digital marketing are ever changing. There is only one motive for all digital marketers today; that is to engage more & more audiences for getting their campaign more effective. Every marketer follows the 3-5-7 rule of sales pitch to influence the audiences; which says one has 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention, 5 seconds to keep this engagement intact & even after 7 seconds if they are keen towards your message it indicates a successful campaign. We are well aware of the intricacies of human minds; it always captures visual information in a precise manner. There are no other better means to achieve perfect audience engagement than the use of concept mapping software in the world of digital marketing.  Let us discuss the various ways in which a free mind mapping tool can help the marketers.

  • Improve content marketing through visual learning: We know how the brain functions, let’s not divert ourselves in that discussion again; as marketers with the proper utilization of mind mapping software you can attract busy people who won’t read a long copy of brand or product message. Thus, they will be able to get the gist of the large chunks of data.

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  • Versatile digital marketing support system: Mind maps have always benefitted in organizing corporate or team meetings. What if we could embed a mind map in the website or a blog? That would be a great info-graphic which can even be shared on image-content based social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram. Therefore, your marketing messages will reach beyond your website in different spheres.
  • Develop a clear social media strategy: These days there are many social media websites; it becomes very difficult to keep track of each & every one of them. In this kind of situation, the free concept map maker will be very useful in maintaining a tab on them & updating the information on a regular basis.
  • Develop ideas for blogs: Every writer suffers from writer’s block at one point of time; with the online concept mapping tool the job of brainstorming for ideas to develop content becomes much easier. There is another added bonus with online mind maps; they can also be shared with colleagues or superiors at work for instant feedback relating to the project. The tasks became much simpler & easier with the usage of mind maps.
  • Create narrative info-graphic: Nowadays info-graphics are essential for digital marketing campaign ideations. It is indeed a time-consuming task to create an info-graphic though; one needs to find, analyze & extract data. These tasks do need a great deal of planning which can be achieved by a mind mapping tool.
  • Description of business models: If you are fond of creative thinking & take keen interest in coming up with something innovative every time you come up with a website, you can get full benefits of mind maps. Explain your business models in your website through the best mind mapping software that will be distinct in its own self.

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