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Ultimate Guide to using the Mind Mapping Software

Ultimate Guide to using Mind Mapping Software

Ultimate Guide to Using Mind Mapping Software

Present an interesting idea to the client to introduce his product in the market.

You sit down in your favourite and comfortable chair with your notebook, all poised to jot down the best ideas that come to your mind. You can already hear the applause that you will receive after the client loves and appreciates your work. Just as you are about to write the ideas, you realise that words have failed you! You are unable to think of anything and end up doodling on the paper. It may happen that you might come up with some excellent ideas within the next half an hour or not get any at all and end up asking for an extension to the deadline from the client!

There is one way to save your face in such a situation that is to make use of a good Mind Mapping Software. Mind mapping is a term and a concept popularised by Tony Buzan- the inventor of mind mapping. According to Mr. Buzan mind mapping is a very powerful thinking tool that opens new avenues and gives wings to your defunct or incomplete ideas. Mind maps software is nothing but a blank page, which will shape up in various colours and themes reflecting your ideas!

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Mind Maps are extremely easy to use. Mind maps are said to activate both your left and right brain and draw out ideas hidden deep within your mind. All one needs to do is feed in a central idea right in the middle of the page, the main idea now needs to be linked to possibilities and outcomes that the central idea is connected to. Your sub-ideas will be connected by branches and that too in bright and quirky colours!

The end result is a beautifully coloured layout that is your map with your wholly developed idea minus the lengthy notes, scribbles and long sentences. There are a number of Free Mind Map Tools that you can choose from. There are software that let you create maps online, which can further be synced with your phone. So no matter where you are, your map goes with you.

Experts recommend to always try any mind map site and its tools first before taking the big plunge of buying the product. Mind mapping is not limited or restricted to the use of one person. Mind maps also work as excellent Brainstorming Software where you and your friends or colleagues together, can brainstorm over an idea.

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You can give the feel of a hand drawn map to your mind map if you like it that way! Businessmen or entrepreneurs can make use of a structured map to present their ideas in a professional manner. With everything within your reach online, it is no longer important to be with your team to work on an idea. You can now be in any corner of the world and all of your team can work on the map by adding or editing bits simultaneously.

Eager to try out mind mapping? Let us not stop you from watching your ideas take shape right in front of your eyes!

Mind Mapping Software for College Students

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping one to better analyse, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas. Students use this technique to improve their memory and spend less time actually making notes.

The reason why mind maps work so well as a study tool is that they engage the students in whole brain thinking and allow them to see the big picture. They also help students to clarify their thoughts, simplify complex ideas, memorise information, and allow them to be creative so they do not get as bored as easily.

In an era of smart phones, tabs, and other gadgets using smart technology, students have come a long way from the time where they had to take down pages and pages of notes and remember each and every bit of information given to them by memorizing and rote.

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Examples of Mind Maps Created by College Students

Below are some examples of mind maps created by college students:

Mind Mapping Software for Collage Students

Mind Mapping Software for Collage Students

The above is an example of a simple mind map for a college magazine, where all aspects of the magazine are put into the map.

Uses of Mind Mapping Software for College Students

Below are some of the uses of mind mapping for students.

  1. Making Notes – Mind Maps are a great way for students to make notes on all of the information they receive. Mind Maps help students to note down only the most important information using key words, and then make connections between facts and ideas visually – keeping all of the topic thoughts together on one sheet. This makes note making easier or students, as it reduces pages of notes into one single side of paper. Having one visual resource to refer to makes everything easier.
  1. Planning an Essay – Students get it all the time. Mind Maps help make a realistic plan for an essay, and create a logical structure for the introduction, main sections and conclusions. Mind Mapping focuses their mind on the message they want to get across and the key information they want to include, making them less likely to go off topic or start rambling – a great tool for making sure they hit the marking criteria.
  2. Studying for Exams – With Mind Mapping, studying and exams are no longer a terror. By simply reviewing the notes the students have made on each subject, and mind mapping the key information that they need to remember, even complex topics can be mastered in a jiffy. Students tend to remember more this way and maintain connections between ideas, which is ideal for answering examination questions.
  3. Creative Inspiration Mind Mapping is a source of creative inspiration. It sparks billions of creative ideas, for students to turn into the next great novel or artwork. Mind Maps work in the same way as the human brain, meaning that when there is a thought – it could be an image, a word or a feeling – this instantly sparks off hundreds of connecting ideas. Some of the most creative plans have their origin in mind maps where people have just thrown in their random thoughts and connected them.
  4. Problem Solving – If there is a tough equation or obstacle to overcome, Mind Mapping can help see things clearly. When there is a problem, one normally panics. Instead of ‘forcing’ the mind to find a solution, Mind Mapping helps to open up many possibilities and options to solve the problem. One can add any ideas or resources one can think of, and the nature of mind mapping sparks off more possibilities from the original thoughts.
  5. Making Presentations - Making presentations at school, college or university can be daunting for students, but they are a great way of showing that they know the subject well and are confident to talk about it. With Mind Maps, presenting is a breeze for students. Reading from sheets of notes is boring for students – with Mind Mapping they only have keywords and images to stimulate their memory, so they automatically present in a more conversational way as they keep eye contact with their audience.
  6. Group Study – Group study can be a really fun way for students to share their knowledge, and Mind Mapping can help them to get the best out of a brainstorming session. First, they should make an individual Mind Map of their thoughts on the topic, and then they can combine the individual ideas and create a Mind Map that encompasses all the ideas and thoughts without anyone losing their personal insights and thoughts.

Examples of Mind Maps for Industrial Revolution

Mind Maps for Industrial Revolution

Mind Maps for Industrial Revolution

The above is an example of a mind map created for the Industrial Revolution and an easy way to remember all the aspects around the same.

Facts and Figures

Here are some facts and figures as to how Mind Mapping has helped college students.

  • According to a study conducted by Farrand, Hussain and Hennessey (2002), Mind Mapping improved the long-term memory of factual information in their participants by 10%.
  • A study by Al-Jarf (2009) confirms that Mind Mapping software offers a powerful approach for improving the ability of anyone to generate, visualise and organise ideas. The subjects taking part in the study reported that the Mind Mapping tool encouraged creative thinking in students and they became faster at generating and organising ideas for their writing.
  • Research by D’Antoni and Pinto Zipp (2005) found that, from a pool of 14 physical therapy students, 10 out of 14 agreed that the Mind Map technique enabled them to better organise and integrate the material presented in their course.
  • Goodnough and Long (2002) found Mind Mapping to be a useful strategy for introducing new concepts, providing a whole-class focus for a large research project, assessing learning of individuals and offering greater choice in how people chose to complete assignments and projects.

Mind Vector – Your Ideal Tool for Mind Mapping

Mind Vector is a mind mapping tool that makes the art of mind mapping simple and interesting for students.

The easy to use UI and flexibility to add images and create simple and complex maps on the automatically expanding canvas makes it interesting for students to expand their thought process and put in all aspects surrounding a subject. The ability to add notes and images to nodes and sub-nodes makes it a more user friendly tool.

Students can also create common mind maps as part of group study and collaborate amongst themselves using the collaboration feature. This helps to collectively gather all ideas and brain storm on complex topics.

Mind Vector can be accessed from the Web, and Apple mobile devices. The easy accessibility of this tool helps students access the maps anywhere and make changes to them.

We can therefore conclude that with easy availability of appropriate tools, mind mapping can become a useful technique for students to succeed in academics.

Download Mind Vector App Now:



Mind Vector is Tabby Awards/Business 2015 Nominee in iPad – Collaboration and Teamwork

           MV Tabby Award

Tabby Awards/ Business is the only global competition for the best tablet-optimized apps. Nominees include work and productivity apps.

This year the Tabby Awards/Business has 40 iPad-optimized nominees which were selected by an international judging panel of 25 mobile experts.

“Innovation has come through on all fronts; from broad-based productivity apps as well as from very niche, specialized enterprise apps”, this year panel’s chair and Mediafly CEO Carson Conant said.

We are pleased to announce that Mind Vector, the leading mind mapping app, is the Tabby Awards/Business iPad nominee in the category iPad – Collaboration and teamwork.

“Mind Vector” is the smartest and quickest way to streamline thoughts like never before. With Mind Vector, you can now brainstorm and map out the entire thought process in just a few snaps of the finger.

Mind Vector provides a feature that enables the users to:

  • Envisage entire Mind Map in a Visualizer
  • Create, Delete and Import maps in a snap of a finger
  • Add Images, Notes and URL to the node
  • Cut, Copy, Paste nodes
  • Drag and Drop nodes
  • Pick from 12 node Colors
  • Pick 5 Color themes
  • Pick from 3 Line Styles
  • Share maps as PDF, CSV or Image

Mind Vector will increase your mind mapping ability and help you brainstorm with ease. This mobile app is available in iOS App Store, Mac App Store and the Web. Download and try it right now.

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Improve your Presentations with Mindmaps

Mind Maps software for Presentations

When Buzan started hosting the BBC series Use your head, he meant literally! The father of mind maps has given the world what we have needed for ages.

Presentations are an unavoidable aspect at every level of the corporate world. Considering the fact that a good ten minute presentation successfully delivers as much information as required, this isn’t surprising. The few people who truly have mastered the art of presenting stuff know that it gives immense satisfaction.

One of the most popular, effective and unambiguous methods used by a majority of successful presenters is Mind mapping.

According to recent surveys, 44% of the subjects claimed that mindmapping improved their speed of working as compared to other methods. Another 49% claimed that the complexity was considerably reduced, while 40% of the test subjects claimed increased levels of creativity and clarity while working.

  1. Managing the presentation

Planning is one of the most crucial steps while making a presentation. The proverb “failing to plan is planning to fail” stands quite true here.

  • Make a mindmap which is all about the nature of your presentation depending on factors like desired outcome and target audience.
  • The outcome will keep you focused and the audience response will help you adapt your presentation.
  1. The content and multimedia

Your content defines your presentation and multimedia aspect shows how you plan to present it.

  • Make a mindmap of all the ideas that come to you and keep brainstorming until you can think of nothing more. Keep on revising till you obtain a final, finished one.
  • Utilize pictures and diagrams for better understanding of the subject and higher recall value.
  1. Tackling the dreadful nature

Even the best employees have a slight apprehension and stage fright while making a presentation.

It is no big deal if you are nervous before giving a presentation. Almost everyone gets the weak knees some time or the other; what is important is how you tackle it.

  • Make a mindmap of all the things that could affect you and make you nervous. Write how you will deal with these. For example, stammering is very common and can lead to a bad presentation; practice will make you better.
  1. Dealing with the unexpected – Think!

A lot of setbacks can stop you from giving a good presentation.

  • Make a mind map of all possible problems that could occur, right from you oversleeping to the projector not working, etc. Include the methods to avoid these problems.
  • Keep multiple backups of your presentation, which will make it impossible for you to lose it.
  • The thinking process while creating a presentation is very tricky, as many USPs may get overlooked while you are focusing over trivia.
  • Also, it is possible that while you are sticking to the basics, you overlook a more creative way to present an idea. Keep an open mind.

A good presentation is a long process, with plenty of preparation required, mentally and psychologically. Mind mapping makes this process simpler and more interesting, and often results in huge success and satisfaction.

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