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Mind Map for a Quick Brainstorming Session

Download Free PDF: Mind Map for a Quick Brainstorming Session

Creating Start-up Pitch with Mind Maps

Nervous about putting together a start-up pitch to explain your big idea to investors or potential clients? This comes as no big surprise really. Let’s face it. Taking that first step toward entrepreneurship is indeed a daunting task. It’s natural to be assailed with doubts and fears pertaining to your business proficiency, performance, and financial know-how. Nonetheless, building a winning pitch is extremely important to sell your exciting new start-up plan to the investors, so that they can make the most appropriate decision. In simple terms, it’s a do-or-die scenario, one if not dealt with efficiently, can kill productivity and have a debilitating impact on your business.

Mind Mapping for Start-up Pitch

One great resource for an effective outcome is mind mapping with a brainstorming software. The powerful tool not only helps overcome the initial apprehensions but brings the much-needed clarity in the thought process. It is an ideal way to create an impressive presentation, explore the concept on a larger scale and put it in the right context. The technique which is a combination of imagery, visual elements, colour and strategic arrangements has the potential to engage the audience’s attention. Moreover, mind maps are easy to understand and remember.

Steps to create a start-up pitch with the best free online mind map:

Organized plan

Use a mind-mapping tool to prepare an organized plan of the new venture. This should include all aspects such as the product and services, the financial scheme, web design, company overview, the strategy, implementation procedure, management and also the market analysis.

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A mind map is a perfect tactic to explain the overall business model in a visual manner. The approach makes it easier for investors, start-up colleagues and partners to process the information and grasp the concept that is being pitched.

Bigger picture

As an entrepreneur, you can use the mind mapping method to present your ideas with clarity in an interactive format. Through the process, you can focus on specifics, communicate the big picture and drill down all the important details pertaining to the start-up.

Add vital cues

This powerful medium can add credence to your ideas and make them noteworthy by including vital cues like colours, images, and different shapes.  Also, secondary information can be integrated with text notes, documents, files, folders and links to websites to deliver your plans more efficiently.

Conceptual view

Graphs, images, and charts in mind maps should be uncluttered with clear compelling points so that your collaborators get a systemic, conceptual view of your subject. The mind mapping app also enhances the way you generate, handle and exchange information.

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Presenter mode

You can impress your audience with the presentation mode, a special feature that animates your maps and lets branches grow naturally on topics that you need to focus on. With the presentation mode, you can zoom around your mind map and fold or magnify the nodes in ways that would make sense to your patrons.

There is a wide spectrum of mind mapping software available, but if you are looking for a cutting edge presentation tool, then the Mind Vector is just right for you. The app is a great way to create maps for new concepts, plan projects and transmit ideas. It allows you to add a picture into the node and is equipped with the best Mac visualiser that makes the entire data accessible in a single screen. To crown matters, Mind Vector is free and available on Google Play Store & Mac store.

Apparently, executing a good start-up pitch for investors is really not so challenging. If a right approach is adopted with the help of the best free mapping software like Mind Vector, the process will elevate your confidence level, infuse new energy and vision into your start-up plans.

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Brainstorm and Mind Map online with Best Mind Mapping Software

Brainstorm and Mind Map online with Best Mind Mapping Software

Brainstorm and Mind Map online with Best Mind Mapping Software

Brainstorming is the new term coined for discussion! Teams sit together to brainstorm over a concept or a product and come up with unique ideas and ways, to introduce it into the market or to sell it to the client. Brainstorming is also an important component of a presentation. There can be instances when your mind will reach a plateau while generating ideas and this can lead to a lack of motivation. At such times, a perspective of another person can prove to be of great help!

Today brainstorming and the concept of a “round-table conference” has been taken to the virtual platform i.e. the internet! Just recently people have come to understand the beauty of brainstorming and mind mapping online. There are numerous websites that offer the best Online Mind Mapping Software. So, what do you get when you club brainstorming with mind mapping? Incredible ideas and appreciation for it!

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Earlier, when people did not Mind Map online, they would all choose to come together to a place, sit down together to discuss and develop ideas. The traditional method to do so would be to write down ideas in the form of a list or make paragraphs. At the time of making the final presentation, the person would need to sift through and read between the lines and paragraphs, and literally!

Gone are the days when people would decide a time, day and place to meet to brainstorm. But today, all thanks to Internet and technological growth, people have come up with unique techniques to create presentations and brainstorm on ideas. One such technique is mind mapping. Mind mapping software consists of tools to give wings to ideas and develop a model out of it. Sometimes, it so happens that you think of an idea but reach a roadblock to making it into a thought to implement.

At such times, mind mapping comes to your rescue! All you need to do is put in the idea right at the centre of the page and connect it with curved branches along with keywords relating to the idea. This leads to the creation a “tree” of ideas! Making use of different colours adds to the
beauty of the mind map.

Brainstorming Software Online lets two or more people to create mind maps, together in real time. So no matter what part of the world your friend or colleague is in at the moment, but you can all come together for a confluence of ideas. Not only this but, the mind maps can be shared easily with control of access, stored on cloud storage or drop box! Certain software also have templates that can be worked on and maps which can be moved around or manoeuvred as per your wish!

Done with your mind map? You can now share the very same document or map in a presentation format without the hassle of creating another document or slides to present your work. Isn’t it as simple as that? Now, sit back and relax with the glass of iced teas as with a few click of the mouse draws out ideas out of your brain and put them all together on the mind map!

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Visual Thinking and Planning with Mind Maps

Mind Mapping for Brainstorming

Mind Mapping for Brainstorming

Mind Mapping for Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a great way of solving problems and coming up with new ideas. It allows one to examine the problems from outside the boundaries of normal thinking, and understand the issues and root causes, and come up with alternative solutions. Brainstorming can also be used for impact analysis and decision making.

The basic concept behind brainstorming is to:

  •  Capture ideas as quickly as possible
  •  Capture the ideas as they occur assuming no money, time, resource or any other constraint, and without judgement
  •  Building on ideas as one thinks of them, and
  •  Pushing oneself to think in a new direction.

Brainstorming is also a great way to build teams because there are shared Discussions and there is also space for individual ideation and innovation.

From the project management perspective, brainstorming is a good way to explore new ideas, possibilities, and alternatives. It gives a much more understandable and complete project plan.

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Using Mind Mapping as a Tool for Brainstorming

Mind mapping is one of the best ways to capture one’s thoughts and bring them to life in visual form. Beyond just note-taking, though, mind maps can help one become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more effectively.

While brainstorming is the key to solving most problems, is it even more effective when done using mind maps.

Mind maps are effective because they create a visual landscape of the ideas so one can look at the root cause(s) of the problem.

One can get lots of ideas and thoughts while brainstorming and these can be recorded. What really can get these ideas organized is a mind map.
Organized around a central idea, a mind map works like the branch of a tree. Ideas and then sub ideas that are associated with the main idea branch off from the central idea.

When to Use a Mind Map?

Brainstorming and mind mapping are best suited for the following activities:

  • Writing: Brainstorming ideas for a final paper.
  • Memorizing: For example, outlining all the characters in Romeo & Juliet, or remembering the stages and steps in a complex scientific experiment.
  • Breaking down: For example, breaking down all parts of a cell makes it easier to remember.
  • Planning: Planning an essay and making sure no point is missed.
  • Organizing: Making it easier to wrap one’s head around all the content covered in a semester.

Brainstorming with a Mind Map not only allows one to identify what the problem is and how it affects other areas, it can also help show why the problem started in the first place.

Mind maps help connect ideas in the following ways:

  1. Radiant Thinking: The human brain is a storehouse of memories associated with smell, taste, actions, and reactions. When these memories are used for various thoughts and actions, it is called Radiant Thinking. Mind maps are the best tools that bring out the Radiant Thinking in individuals where every thought and idea is connected in a beautiful manner.
  2. Co-ordinating between the left and right hemispheres of the brain: Our brains are divided into two hemispheres, left and right, which perform a wide range of intellectual tasks called “cortical skills.” These include: logic, rhythm, line, colour, lists, daydreams, numbers, imagination, speech and spacial awareness. A Mind Map, involves numerous active cortical skills and helps one memorise information quickly.
  3. Harnessing the power of images: Images activate numerous cortical skills which, again, improve our memory and our ability to associate ideas and concepts. A mind map, which is essentially an image once completed, is an ideal resource to stimulate this brain activity.

Mind Mapping Promotes Collaboration

A Mind Mapping software is used for collaborating with others to develop plans or implement key projects. It allows individuals to harness the input of all members of a group in a dynamic and creative way. All ideas or statements can be recorded in an appropriate place on the Mind Map and discussed openly at a sensible time.

When used for group brainstorming sessions, Mind Mapping was seen to enhance critical thinking and co-operation as well as providing a solid basis for collaborative problem-solving. Groups involved in the sessions reported that they enjoyed expressing their opinions in a participative and open climate.

Mind Vector and Brainstorming

Mind Mapping for Brainstorm - Mind Vetor

Mind Mapping for Brainstorm – Mind Vector

Mind Vector is a powerful mind map software that enables the 20 individuals to brainstorm together at any given point in time.

They can create a mind map of their project or any subject using the Mind Vector tool and share the map with the other individuals. With the click of a single button, the map can be shared with all the group members who can in turn access the map and make the necessary changes to it as per their convenience. This enhances the advantages of brainstorming because every idea or thought gets recorded in the map.

Mind Vector provides a unique dashboard facility where the map is visible to all the collaborators who are sharing it.

Mind Vector can be accessed from the Web, and Apple mobile devices. The easy accessibility of this tool helps the group members to access the topic anywhere and make changes.

We can therefore conclude that with easy availability of appropriate tools, mind mapping and brainstorming can together bring forth many innovations that would otherwise lie untapped and unutilized in the minds of creative individuals.

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