Mind Maps for Writer

Mind Maps – Writer’s Best Friend

A well-known French philosopher – Voltaire once said: “Writing is the painting of the voice”.

This quote is a perfect fit for those who have considered writing as a passion, not just as a leisure activity. There are occasions when budding writers face difficulties in expressing themselves while penning down their thoughts. In this nerve-racking situation mind, maps can be used to overcome such a challenge. Modern mind maps have become way more useful than they were supposed to be when Tony Buzan, the English educational consultant, introduced this concept. The basic utilities of online mind mapping software are well known, as it serves as a connection between different ideas facilitating brainstorming. Let us observe how the usage of mind maps can provide a momentum to your writing skills.

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The Innovation of new thoughts: It is a common inference that when you try to build a connection between different theories, you get an entirely new perspective, i.e. a fresh thought. Writers aren’t perfect; often they face a blank situation known as “writer’s block”.  This provides them with a hindrance to producing fresh write-ups especially when the deadline is near. In that situation, it is difficult to calm the nerves down and think creatively.

Livelier writings: With the introduction of online brainstorming software, people have the option of using varied colors and different kind of text boxes along with side notes in the mind maps which livens up the process of writing. This makes writing a greatly enthusiastic and not a boring and tedious process. All you have to do is think of the main plot about which you wish to write and jot it on the root node of the map, and then keep on adding different sub-branches with subsequent ideas as they keep surfacing your brain. When you finally get the whole mind map done, the writing part is a piece of cake; you do not need to rack your brains further.

Organization of ideas without losing the main essence: When you have the final mind map ready at your grasp, writing becomes very easy. Had you explored ideas manually before you created the content, you would have become very confused and hazy. Through mind map online you can play around with your ideas and pen them down later preserving the main essence intact.

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Easy research with mind maps: Any kind of writing requires a basic research about the topic, whatever resources the writer accumulates he can add it in the mind maps in the form of links, video or audio recordings. So when he starts the process of writing he can utilize those references as guidelines which would give the write-up a personal touch with the writer’s values and point of views.

Receive feedback from the contemporaries or critics: The maps created with the best mind mapping software can be circulated to the fellow writers or critics easily in order to receive the feedback. Online mind maps are easy to share, so getting a second opinion doesn’t become that difficult. The feedback will help in refining the final draft of the write-up.

It is time you adopt mind mapping and improvise your writing! All the Best!

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