Spider Maps of Sherlock Holmes

Holmes “Spider Web” tracing movement of Professor Moriarty:A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes! Every Crime-Thriller book/movie lover reveres this character. Sherlock Holmes is the most famous fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Wherever a mystery, Sherlock Holmes was the first one to be called on. With excellent detective skills with a dash of forensic expertise, keen observation and logical reasoning, even the Scotland Yard couldn’t do without him!

So what if Sherlock Holmes was to use the skills of brainstorming and mind mapping in detecting murders, thefts and solving other mysteries today? Here are some few steps that Holmes would follow to solve a case!

  • He would first segregate evidences by making use of icons and symbols
  • The second step to be followed by the first one would be to attach photographs to the evidences that he has collected, with the help of branches
  • He would then connect this further with branches with a few extended or topic notes so that he has them at a glance and in an organized manner
  • Right facing map would be most conducive to Mr. Holmes as he can map the incidents and developments of a case in the form of a before and after
  • He would make use of relationship lines to join evidences and information
  • Sherlock Holmes would also make a note of the names and contact details of people that he has interviewed as a part of investigation and have them at his fingertips as and when needed
  • Along with this, he would also be able to add news stories pertaining to the crime and investigation
  • If latest technology would be infused in his case solving, then he would opt for a web-based mind mapping service which also gives access to his assistant Dr. Watson and they he too could keep adding his inputs and observations later to the case
  • Mr. Holmes would also attach important forensic lab reports and save them along with small summaries as text notes
  • Once he would start mind mapping, new avenues to the case would be thrown open to him. At that moment he would realize that he could make use of some witnesses, other tests to be conducted, experts to consult and the possible outcomes or perpetrators that he is looking at. He can keep adding notes to the branches that he has already created in a well organized manner, which is highly required by someone like Sherlock Holmes who tends to get distracted easily and voila! In no time- mystery solved!

In this manner, Holmes would be able to unearth a number of mysteries and with less amount of hassle and pain. Now that you too have understood the amazing uses and advantages of mind mapping, do make a use of this wonderful creation of mankind to solve your own mysteries and to ideate over topics at school, college, office and at meetings. Take this to another level by presenting your mind map as presentations and also make use of mind mapping in schools to teach certain difficult topics with ease!


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