Make a Killer Presentation Using a Concept map

Make a Killer Presentation Using a Concept map

An image conveys information vividly and effectively. While presenting any idea, the easiest way to do it is to draw it out rather than write pages and pages of text. Diagrams and pictures are attractive and grab the viewers’ attention. For teachers explaining to their students, for salesmen selling to their clients or for employees presenting to their bosses, an illustration goes a long way in getting the point across.

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What is a Concept Map?

In this high tech age, where most of the tasks are done on the computer, concepts too can be explained using a Software. You may possibly have gathered a lot of knowledge, but unless you present it in a way that is comprehensible, it is of no use to you or others in the future. That is where a concept mapping tool can be of great value to you. Concept maps are pictorial ways of consolidating and demonstrating information.

The main ideas or concepts can be drawn in boxes or circles and a connection is drawn between them to show how they are connected. The boxes or circles have concept written inside them and the connected lines have added information about the concept.

In general, concept maps are arranged in a pyramid format, i.e the information flow is from top and down. The core idea is placed at the top with peripheral ideas lying in the lower part of the pyramid. While it is a general practice to keep only one main idea but it is not a rule and many concept makers work on multiple ideas at a time.

Using a Free Concept Map Maker

Creating a concept map helps in having a better understanding of the idea. As a result, the concept map keeps evolving. You rename some concepts, change the links or add in some more elements for a better information flow. In fact, you will agree that doing this on paper can be frustrating with endless corrections and strike-throughs. Additionally, colleagues may come in with inputs which will require changes in the concept map and thus your map will go through the endless cycle of iterations.

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You will agree that with so much knowledge stored on the computer, it is wiser to use software to consolidate and present that knowledge. Fortunately, there are a couple of online mind map tool that can help you do so. Such tools are easy to use as you just need to plug in concepts and linkages along with their labels. They come with bright, catchy colors, multiple shapes and flexibility to move around elements.

You can concentrate on getting the ideas on screen clearly, and then move on to the aesthetics. You can play with the borders, background, fonts, linkages and even add in an image or two.

Using it for client presentations

It is natural to always put your best foot forward for a client presentation. If you have ever created a presentation, you may have spent hours reviewing each slide of your presentation and ensuring it represents your brand in the best possible way. Using a concept map on one of the slides is a sure-fire way of sustaining your clients’ attention. It is important to keep the concept map uncluttered with emphasis on the main ideas.

If you use the best concept map maker, you will be able to break down difficult concepts into smaller parts and explain them in detail. Moving from one box to another methodically will make your presentation more organized and streamline thoughts for your clients. It also serves as a ready reference for them or you to go back to for clarification.

With an attractive image added, the value of your presentation will go up significantly. Harness all the tools the concept map making software provides to make a presentation which is powerful and memorable. With so much in its favor, why not try it for your next client presentation?

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