How to Weave Stories With Mind Mapping Software

How to Weave Stories With Mind Mapping Software

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”                                                                                                         -Ernest Hemingway

It is not easy for a writer to pen down his concepts in the form of a story at once; he has to rack his brain over and over again so that he can organize the elements accurately. An online mind mapping software can aid him in this task with clarity. What we know about mind mapping tool is that they help in brainstorming and enhancing the ability to recall vital information by establishing relationships between different concepts.

For a writer, who is composing a fiction story or an article, a mind map online can serve as a blueprint before he starts jotting the subplots as a narrative. It shall be his template before he uses his literary skills for adding the finesse in his story. The non-linear structure of a mind map is beneficial for the writer to understand to track his progress with the story.

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Better structured story elements with mind map:

Start composing with brainstorming software online by listing down the basic ideas about how you wish to proceed with the story. Elements like: the plot, timeline, characters and the background can be laid down in this template over which further work shall be done gradually. At each node of the mind map, these elements can be written so that when the writer has further ideas about any of these, he can just add a sub-node to these elements in order to keep the story formulation organized.

Ease of introducing new ideas:

The individual elements of the story can be expanded on the basis of what the writer wishes to convey. For example, he can elaborate on the characters and the relationships they share with each other, or how they are pivotal for a particular situation presented in the story, the behavior of these characters and much more. Also, the writer gets the opportunity to question his ideas so that he can bring a more realistic touch while narrating. This makes the story much more detailed and precise.

Correlating with the other elements:

Once individual elements in the story have undergone careful detailing, it is essential to build relationships of these elements to each other. A mind map can allow that with absolute accuracy, the writer can explore into regions like where the characters in his story met, gist of the scene before any particular situation took place, the order of the events taking place and others. These types of insights shall bind the story concretely and the mind map shall present them in a creative manner.

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Sharing created mind maps with peers:

Nowadays most of the minds mapping tools have the option to share the maps created. A writer has the option to get the feedback from his peers about his story created in the form of mind map.  He shall be able to work on aspects which he missed while jotting them in the map before presenting the final draft of the story. The best mind mapping software online shall give you a cloud storage facility too; this shall enable the writers to store their creations without any risk.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring out the writer in you and get going!

Happy Writing :)

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