Critical Thinking and Planning With Free Mind Map Tool

Critical Thinking and Planning With Free Mind Map Tool

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan

Human Brain is the store house of knowledge and there is no limit to achieving knowledge. Every day we come across new informative stuff which keeps on adding value to our personal know-how. As we come across infinite knowledge, it is often difficult to judge which fact is true and which is not? This is where Critical thinking ability of the brain comes into play.

Critical thinking stimulates human brain’s ability to analyze information and evidence for it to achieve a final conclusion.  Imagine the world without this ability, it would be filled with myths, there would be no further research for general or scientific ideas. The advent of various mind mapping software has proved to be a blessing for critical thinkers like – students, researchers, psychologists, scientists and much more. Let us see how mind maps have been successful in this scenario.

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  • Linking information: Human mind is a complex workshop, there are millions and trillions of concepts stored over due course of time. With free mind map tool, you have the potential to maintain a stable link between the information and recall them when you wish to. The usage of various colors and flowcharts in a mind map has always helped to absorb the facts in a simplified manner. An educator can use mind maps in a classroom wherein students can grab the information without any difficulty.
  • Promotes systematic learning: One after the other, pieces of information is connected, which helps in establishing relationships among the concepts. These relationships may not be inferred if you try to learn in a normal old-fashioned way. Mind map software organizes the information thus, you can learn in a non-haphazard manner. In education domain, this lucid learning style can be used by both students and teachers which will give clarity to various concepts.
  • Nurtures creativity: A Mindmap brings out innovative ideas. You do not know exactly when or how you will feel inspired. In the process of jotting down the information in the maps often unique ideas are reflected. You can always share the maps with your peers for better perspective and use it as many times as you want in future.

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  • Breaking down bigger targets into smaller steps: If you have a thesis or a research or an exam to study for, you can utilize mind mapping tool to break down the agenda into smaller steps like a daily worksheet. This will help you to understand where you should start from and you can also analyze how much time you are taking to complete the individual steps or the whole agenda itself. Mind maps can help you to evaluate yourself and at the same time, you are meeting your deadline without getting a panic attack.

Coming to a speedy conclusion: Normally, in education or research tremendous amount of time is needed to derive an inference. Concept map maker acts as a stimulant in this case. It saves a lot of time and brain racking which could have happened in a conventional manner.

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