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How to Use Mind Map to Unlock Team Creativity

How to Use Mind Map: A Guide to Unlock Team Creativity

How to Use Mind Map: A Guide to Unlock Team Creativity

How to Use Mind Map: A Guide to Unlock Team Creativity

William Plomer a noted author & novelist once said: “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”. Mind maps are means to reflect your thoughts with precision visually by helping you establish relationships between different ideas. There are many ways in which these can help in boosting your creative prowess. We shall take a look of how it can collectively inspire team creativity and lessen the workload.

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  • Easy understanding of various concepts: In today’s world, information is mostly disseminated in written format. A piece of information relayed through mind mapping software can aid in clarity to understand it. Visual elements in these mind maps unlock creativity and enable the users to delve deep into that particular theory.
  • Encourage different perspectives: Sometimes thinking fresh ideas becomes difficult through conventional means. With a pre-created mind map, you and your team can share your viewpoints and might as well think about the particular concept with a different angle. Online mind map enables freshness in thoughts simultaneously.
  • Enable brainstorming: When you sit down with your team discussing some topic if a presentation of the same has been made through mind maps, it’s easier to gather each and everyone’s ideas. You can always come up with productive means to finish your project with sufficient amount of time in hand. Mind map becomes an outlet letting people line up their thoughts with others or understanding the problem areas with respect to the topic being discussed.
  • Inspire positive thinking: Imagine a situation when you happen to be the leader of your team comprising writers. Best mind mapping software gives you an opportunity to explore your creative boundaries by inspiring your fellow team members with encouragement. Sometimes brainstorming might restrain people to fully co-ordinate and bring out their creative abilities at the right juncture of time. This situation can be avoided by encouraging people to get comfortable in terms of sharing their visions relating to a project.

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  • Perceive the uncommon pieces of relationships: While you create your mind map along with your teammates and sit down for a cut-throat brainstorming session, the information within the primary and secondary nodes in these maps can aid in establishing correlations. Sometimes there might be a common link between subsequent secondary nodes which probably you might have missed had you tried to manually sit down in discussion with your team members.

Mind maps have the ability to tap into natural means by which human brain works. Therefore getting them to access your creative potentials becomes much handy with its usage. Be it planning for meetings; formulate speeches or articles in every case mind maps can be of great help along with the added advantage of conserving time. It can be considered as the new mode of critical thinking and means to assess various situations. So don’t hesitate to use it along with your fellow team members and get the best result out of it.

Critical Thinking and Planning With Free Mind Map Tool

Critical Thinking and Planning With Free Mind Map Tool

Critical Thinking and Planning With Free Mind Map Tool

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan

Human Brain is the store house of knowledge and there is no limit to achieving knowledge. Every day we come across new informative stuff which keeps on adding value to our personal know-how. As we come across infinite knowledge, it is often difficult to judge which fact is true and which is not? This is where Critical thinking ability of the brain comes into play.

Critical thinking stimulates human brain’s ability to analyze information and evidence for it to achieve a final conclusion.  Imagine the world without this ability, it would be filled with myths, there would be no further research for general or scientific ideas. The advent of various mind mapping software has proved to be a blessing for critical thinkers like – students, researchers, psychologists, scientists and much more. Let us see how mind maps have been successful in this scenario.

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  • Linking information: Human mind is a complex workshop, there are millions and trillions of concepts stored over due course of time. With free mind map tool, you have the potential to maintain a stable link between the information and recall them when you wish to. The usage of various colors and flowcharts in a mind map has always helped to absorb the facts in a simplified manner. An educator can use mind maps in a classroom wherein students can grab the information without any difficulty.
  • Promotes systematic learning: One after the other, pieces of information is connected, which helps in establishing relationships among the concepts. These relationships may not be inferred if you try to learn in a normal old-fashioned way. Mind map software organizes the information thus, you can learn in a non-haphazard manner. In education domain, this lucid learning style can be used by both students and teachers which will give clarity to various concepts.
  • Nurtures creativity: A Mindmap brings out innovative ideas. You do not know exactly when or how you will feel inspired. In the process of jotting down the information in the maps often unique ideas are reflected. You can always share the maps with your peers for better perspective and use it as many times as you want in future.

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  • Breaking down bigger targets into smaller steps: If you have a thesis or a research or an exam to study for, you can utilize mind mapping tool to break down the agenda into smaller steps like a daily worksheet. This will help you to understand where you should start from and you can also analyze how much time you are taking to complete the individual steps or the whole agenda itself. Mind maps can help you to evaluate yourself and at the same time, you are meeting your deadline without getting a panic attack.

Coming to a speedy conclusion: Normally, in education or research tremendous amount of time is needed to derive an inference. Concept map maker acts as a stimulant in this case. It saves a lot of time and brain racking which could have happened in a conventional manner.

4 Steps to Effective Meeting with a Free mind mapping software

Effective meeting with Mind Mapping Software

Effective meeting with Mind Mapping Software

Meetings can be hectic, unappealing or monotonous if not conducted properly. Gone are the days when a meeting organizer would dictate out some document to make the attendees focus on the agenda. The system has been revised over & over again; from the usage of presentation software like PowerPoint, ClearSlide, Slide Bureau etc. to the relying on tools such as infographics, heat maps & mind mapping. I recently came across a research conducted by Forbes business magazine which says 69% of attendees perceive meetings to be non-productive & non-requiring. In this scenario what should one do to hold an effective meeting? In this scenario what should one do to hold an effective meeting? Mind mapping software is your solution to this problem; let us have a quick look about its utilities.

  • Highlighting the agenda: Mind mapping software can help you properly execute the meeting right from the starting point; where all you need is to note the key agenda in the baseline of the map. The next in line topics can be jotted in the sub-branches of the baseline. This will establish the co-relationship of topics way easier than a comprehensive presentation using multiple slides. The organizer can easily track the tasks he/she assigns to the fellow attendees, the deadlines etc.

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  • Taking live notes: Try to engage the listener; that’s the ingredient to an effective meeting. With free mind mapping software you can take notes on the agenda items of the meeting. This actually helps the mind recollect the data in future when needed. Through this method, the listeners have the chance to actually participate & reciprocate in the meeting apart from just getting them bored of the tedious one-way discussion.
  • Keeping tab of ideas & results: The organizer always needs to interact with the attendees for their insights while he holds the meeting. This is a beneficial process as he would have the chance of evaluating how much his audience is getting familiarized with the agenda. He/she can utilize the concept map maker to capture & evaluate the ideas as they are expressed by the audience. Not only does this process aid in keeping the meetings streamlined but also it keeps them up to date. We can retain all the insights at the same time without letting them slip through.
  • Concluding with clarity: Wrapping things up perfectly after the discussion is a neat trick. Expansive usage of mind map tool during the meeting keeps everything organized. It acts like a layout of a plan or goal which you intend to achieve through teamwork. This gives the organizer clarity to think about what he should hold a discussion in the future. It’s recommended to have a little more time in hand to go back to the map & discuss the points along with the actions assigned. At this stage one can also add extra points in case they missed out something vital.

In other words, a mind map is like an idea net; the contribution of each and every person sitting in the meeting room counts. It is a successful means to hold an effective multi-channel communication effectively without the risk of losing the appeal.

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Adorn your Thinking Hat with a Concept Mapping Tool

Adorn your Thinking Hat with a Concept Mapping Tool

Adorn your Thinking Hat with a Concept Mapping Tool

There is a lot of brain racking stuff one needs to do in their everyday jobs. Due to pressure, anxiety & nervous behaviour people panic failing to calm down to meet the deadlines or solve the problem steadily. Doesn’t this situation sound familiar? What should you do to avoid this situation? The solution to this was discovered many years back with the formulation of mind maps by Tony Buzan – an English author & educational consultant. Concept Mapping is useful in the generation of new ideas and systematically organizes the tasks resulting in an increase in productivity. Whether you are a literary figure trying to come up with a new write-up; or you are someone in an organization’s managerial level & wish to do critical thinking for presenting concepts in a meeting, online concept mapping tool will always come in handy. Here are few ways in which mind maps accelerate your thinking abilities:

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  1. Organization of concepts: The human brain can never retain every piece of information intact. Instead of going through the notes you had created long time ago, a concept mapping software can be utilized to capture pieces of information in the form of keywords. These can be referred to or shared with peers for the future requirement.
  2. Facilitate learning: For students & researchers, free concept map maker can be the best buddy to learn or grasp a particular subject. Visual learning techniques are very helpful & appealing. The addition of various colors, images & files makes the whole learning process very enthusiastic. Mind maps convey educative information in simple terms & in an effective manner.
  3. Produce speedy ideas: Writing notes and capturing information as it is, is a cumbersome job.In contrast a mind map gives the advantage to capture thoughts quickly whenever an inspiration strikes. Therefore, you would be able to produce quick ideas for future.
  4. Engaging to get results: With the utilization of best mind mapping software, you can engage your brain for thinking & learning procedure. Mind maps enable a synchronized usage of various parts of the human brain. We already know that visuals attract our minds; when we document our ideas in these maps we get a huge dimension to explore for innovative concepts & we can structure them in a linear way through it. You can establish connections between the text & pictures in a mind map for better understanding & productivity.

Hence, to sum the points up, it is not a rocket science to work with mind maps. They are very simple to use & comprehend. We all have a tendency to get lost in the deep chaos of random thoughts; it becomes less complex when we adopt mind maps to organize them for bringing out the real creativity of the brain. After all, we all need a little window to express ourselves!

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Create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy with a Mind Map

Digital Marketing strategy

The dimensions of digital marketing are ever changing. There is only one motive for all digital marketers today; that is to engage more & more audiences for getting their campaign more effective. Every marketer follows the 3-5-7 rule of sales pitch to influence the audiences; which says one has 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention, 5 seconds to keep this engagement intact & even after 7 seconds if they are keen towards your message it indicates a successful campaign. We are well aware of the intricacies of human minds; it always captures visual information in a precise manner. There are no other better means to achieve perfect audience engagement than the use of concept mapping software in the world of digital marketing.  Let us discuss the various ways in which a free mind mapping tool can help the marketers.

  • Improve content marketing through visual learning: We know how the brain functions, let’s not divert ourselves in that discussion again; as marketers with the proper utilization of mind mapping software you can attract busy people who won’t read a long copy of brand or product message. Thus, they will be able to get the gist of the large chunks of data.

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  • Versatile digital marketing support system: Mind maps have always benefitted in organizing corporate or team meetings. What if we could embed a mind map in the website or a blog? That would be a great info-graphic which can even be shared on image-content based social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram. Therefore, your marketing messages will reach beyond your website in different spheres.
  • Develop a clear social media strategy: These days there are many social media websites; it becomes very difficult to keep track of each & every one of them. In this kind of situation, the free concept map maker will be very useful in maintaining a tab on them & updating the information on a regular basis.
  • Develop ideas for blogs: Every writer suffers from writer’s block at one point of time; with the online concept mapping tool the job of brainstorming for ideas to develop content becomes much easier. There is another added bonus with online mind maps; they can also be shared with colleagues or superiors at work for instant feedback relating to the project. The tasks became much simpler & easier with the usage of mind maps.
  • Create narrative info-graphic: Nowadays info-graphics are essential for digital marketing campaign ideations. It is indeed a time-consuming task to create an info-graphic though; one needs to find, analyze & extract data. These tasks do need a great deal of planning which can be achieved by a mind mapping tool.
  • Description of business models: If you are fond of creative thinking & take keen interest in coming up with something innovative every time you come up with a website, you can get full benefits of mind maps. Explain your business models in your website through the best mind mapping software that will be distinct in its own self.

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