5 Ways to Use Mind Maps for Eye-Catching Blog Content

5 Ways to Use Mind Maps for Eye-Catching Blog Content

Today when the world is moving at a pace that would have been unimaginable a few years back, the relevance of visual content has increased tremendously. It does make our work easier, doesn’t it? One is saved the time and effort of looking into thick literature spanning disciplines. It is in this context that mind maps gain relevance. They process complex information into easily accessible and comprehensible content. Not just this but the visual content is also more effective in catching the attention of the audience.

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Mind maps just help you in translating your thoughts in a pictorial form, more on the lines of hierarchical diagrams, for visual representation. The success of the mind maps lie in the fact that they help in forming associations. Here are five ways of using mind maps more effectively for your blog posts:

  1. Let’s get Quote-y: Quotes always seem to work. If you are creating or writing about stuff that interests the audience, make sure to add certain quotes. Where does mind map come in? You could create the collection of quotes into something art-y by copying and pasting on a mind map. You could even add an image of the person whose quote you have taken. This makes your blog more readable and definitely more creative.
  2. Image for central idea: It is a good idea to use an image for the centre. This not only leaves room for you to unleash in your creativity but also makes your idea more comprehensible for the reader.
  3. Color it: Using a dash of color never did any harm. Make the blog more colorful and vibrant by an intelligent mix and use of colors. Of course, this doesn’t mean creating a rainbow every time but definitely some interplay is attractive to the brain. Color is remnant of energy and everyone likes that!
  4. Curvy lines: Some curves are better than straight lines. This definitely holds true for the mind maps. Make sure your mind map is curvy at places because having straight lines throughout will make it a tad bit boring. You definitely wouldn’t want that, would you?
  5. Don’t cram content: Use a single keyword per line as it gives out a more powerful image. It also creates a greater impact on the brain. Having too much content takes away the overall appeal. Also, make sure to integrate the keyword with some image. It improves the overall aesthetics of the mind map.

There is no single way of using mind map and it totally depends on your creativity and your aim. None of the above suggested ways are set in stone but they would certainly help you pan out the mind map in a more interactive way. A very good idea would be to keep experimenting. You never know what it would lead to. Having said that, we also feel that connectivity between subsequent images or branches always work and are received well.

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