Effective meeting with Mind Mapping Software

Effective meeting with Mind Mapping Software

Meetings can be hectic, unappealing or monotonous if not conducted properly. Gone are the days when a meeting organizer would dictate out some document to make the attendees focus on the agenda. The system has been revised over & over again; from the usage of presentation software like PowerPoint, ClearSlide, Slide Bureau etc. to the relying on tools such as infographics, heat maps & mind mapping. I recently came across a research conducted by Forbes business magazine which says 69% of attendees perceive meetings to be non-productive & non-requiring. In this scenario what should one do to hold an effective meeting? In this scenario what should one do to hold an effective meeting? Mind mapping software is your solution to this problem; let us have a quick look about its utilities.

  • Highlighting the agenda: Mind mapping software can help you properly execute the meeting right from the starting point; where all you need is to note the key agenda in the baseline of the map. The next in line topics can be jotted in the sub-branches of the baseline. This will establish the co-relationship of topics way easier than a comprehensive presentation using multiple slides. The organizer can easily track the tasks he/she assigns to the fellow attendees, the deadlines etc.

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  • Taking live notes: Try to engage the listener; that’s the ingredient to an effective meeting. With free mind mapping software you can take notes on the agenda items of the meeting. This actually helps the mind recollect the data in future when needed. Through this method, the listeners have the chance to actually participate & reciprocate in the meeting apart from just getting them bored of the tedious one-way discussion.
  • Keeping tab of ideas & results: The organizer always needs to interact with the attendees for their insights while he holds the meeting. This is a beneficial process as he would have the chance of evaluating how much his audience is getting familiarized with the agenda. He/she can utilize the concept map maker to capture & evaluate the ideas as they are expressed by the audience. Not only does this process aid in keeping the meetings streamlined but also it keeps them up to date. We can retain all the insights at the same time without letting them slip through.
  • Concluding with clarity: Wrapping things up perfectly after the discussion is a neat trick. Expansive usage of mind map tool during the meeting keeps everything organized. It acts like a layout of a plan or goal which you intend to achieve through teamwork. This gives the organizer clarity to think about what he should hold a discussion in the future. It’s recommended to have a little more time in hand to go back to the map & discuss the points along with the actions assigned. At this stage one can also add extra points in case they missed out something vital.

In other words, a mind map is like an idea net; the contribution of each and every person sitting in the meeting room counts. It is a successful means to hold an effective multi-channel communication effectively without the risk of losing the appeal.

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