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iOS Update: Undo-Redo Feature

Mind Vector 2.5 for iOS just hit the iTunes Store and we have brought you the most awaited functionality that will make you Download the App right away.

Mind Vector iOS


Unlimited Undo and Redo

Undo-Redo functionality in iOS

The newly added, Undo-Redo functionality will allows you to delete any flaw and make the changes at the tap of your finger. The power now lies in your hand. :)

Bug Fixes

Now add images to nodes and drag and drop them without loosing the image.

In Mind Vector Cloud list you will now see the maps as per the last modified date.

Mind Vector iOS

Adorn your Thinking Hat with a Concept Mapping Tool

Adorn your Thinking Hat with a Concept Mapping Tool

Adorn your Thinking Hat with a Concept Mapping Tool

There is a lot of brain racking stuff one needs to do in their everyday jobs. Due to pressure, anxiety & nervous behaviour people panic failing to calm down to meet the deadlines or solve the problem steadily. Doesn’t this situation sound familiar? What should you do to avoid this situation? The solution to this was discovered many years back with the formulation of mind maps by Tony Buzan – an English author & educational consultant. Concept Mapping is useful in the generation of new ideas and systematically organizes the tasks resulting in an increase in productivity. Whether you are a literary figure trying to come up with a new write-up; or you are someone in an organization’s managerial level & wish to do critical thinking for presenting concepts in a meeting, online concept mapping tool will always come in handy. Here are few ways in which mind maps accelerate your thinking abilities:

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  1. Organization of concepts: The human brain can never retain every piece of information intact. Instead of going through the notes you had created long time ago, a concept mapping software can be utilized to capture pieces of information in the form of keywords. These can be referred to or shared with peers for the future requirement.
  2. Facilitate learning: For students & researchers, free concept map maker can be the best buddy to learn or grasp a particular subject. Visual learning techniques are very helpful & appealing. The addition of various colors, images & files makes the whole learning process very enthusiastic. Mind maps convey educative information in simple terms & in an effective manner.
  3. Produce speedy ideas: Writing notes and capturing information as it is, is a cumbersome job.In contrast a mind map gives the advantage to capture thoughts quickly whenever an inspiration strikes. Therefore, you would be able to produce quick ideas for future.
  4. Engaging to get results: With the utilization of best mind mapping software, you can engage your brain for thinking & learning procedure. Mind maps enable a synchronized usage of various parts of the human brain. We already know that visuals attract our minds; when we document our ideas in these maps we get a huge dimension to explore for innovative concepts & we can structure them in a linear way through it. You can establish connections between the text & pictures in a mind map for better understanding & productivity.

Hence, to sum the points up, it is not a rocket science to work with mind maps. They are very simple to use & comprehend. We all have a tendency to get lost in the deep chaos of random thoughts; it becomes less complex when we adopt mind maps to organize them for bringing out the real creativity of the brain. After all, we all need a little window to express ourselves!

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Create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy with a Mind Map

Digital Marketing strategy

The dimensions of digital marketing are ever changing. There is only one motive for all digital marketers today; that is to engage more & more audiences for getting their campaign more effective. Every marketer follows the 3-5-7 rule of sales pitch to influence the audiences; which says one has 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention, 5 seconds to keep this engagement intact & even after 7 seconds if they are keen towards your message it indicates a successful campaign. We are well aware of the intricacies of human minds; it always captures visual information in a precise manner. There are no other better means to achieve perfect audience engagement than the use of concept mapping software in the world of digital marketing.  Let us discuss the various ways in which a free mind mapping tool can help the marketers.

  • Improve content marketing through visual learning: We know how the brain functions, let’s not divert ourselves in that discussion again; as marketers with the proper utilization of mind mapping software you can attract busy people who won’t read a long copy of brand or product message. Thus, they will be able to get the gist of the large chunks of data.

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  • Versatile digital marketing support system: Mind maps have always benefitted in organizing corporate or team meetings. What if we could embed a mind map in the website or a blog? That would be a great info-graphic which can even be shared on image-content based social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram. Therefore, your marketing messages will reach beyond your website in different spheres.
  • Develop a clear social media strategy: These days there are many social media websites; it becomes very difficult to keep track of each & every one of them. In this kind of situation, the free concept map maker will be very useful in maintaining a tab on them & updating the information on a regular basis.
  • Develop ideas for blogs: Every writer suffers from writer’s block at one point of time; with the online concept mapping tool the job of brainstorming for ideas to develop content becomes much easier. There is another added bonus with online mind maps; they can also be shared with colleagues or superiors at work for instant feedback relating to the project. The tasks became much simpler & easier with the usage of mind maps.
  • Create narrative info-graphic: Nowadays info-graphics are essential for digital marketing campaign ideations. It is indeed a time-consuming task to create an info-graphic though; one needs to find, analyze & extract data. These tasks do need a great deal of planning which can be achieved by a mind mapping tool.
  • Description of business models: If you are fond of creative thinking & take keen interest in coming up with something innovative every time you come up with a website, you can get full benefits of mind maps. Explain your business models in your website through the best mind mapping software that will be distinct in its own self.

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Mind Mapping Tools as an Aid in E-Learning

Mind Mapping Tools as an Aid in E-Learning

Mind Mapping Tools as an Aid in E-Learning

Do you remember your school time? When the time to go to school would approach near, you would either be feeling extremely cranky, or are as fresh as a daisy! From the time you settle in to the time you have your recess, you manage to stay awake and alert and almost, really almost listen to all the instructions given by the teacher. It is mostly after you come back after the food and water break that you start losing complete interest in what the teacher is saying. While she drones on about some scientific concept, your feeble interest tries very hard to control the reigns of your forever wavering thoughts, but in the end, your thoughts and dreams win hands down!

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‘Times have a changed!’ this phrase definitely identifies with the current generation which is constantly looking for instant gratification. This gen-next is extremely technology driven. They have all the information at their fingertips thanks to the ever-flourishing and immortal social media sites. Given this scenario, it is but natural that their learning methods too need to be contemporary and technology driven! So what do you get when you fuse fast-forming thoughts and the internet together? Mind mapping is what you get!

Move over traditional lesson plans as e-learning is here to stay! You must wonder how can an online mind map tool and learning be combined together to deliver an excellent and unforgettable lesson? The essence of mind mapping lies in “the idea” s. The more ideas that one can think of, the more you broaden your horizon and give birth to bigger and better concepts and thoughts. What it uses is a concept map maker that works like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on by you.

What teachers need to do today is engage and enthrall with the help of concept mapping tool. If there is an essay on the process of cheese making, its uses in food and as nutrition, the central idea- milk comes right at the center of the page. On seeing this mere ‘four letter’ word, children can come up with ‘delicious’ or sometimes ‘cheesy’ answers, but the teacher at least knows that they are now using every nook and cranny of their brain to give her their idea or answer related to cheese.

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Mind mapping reduces the work of the teacher and ensures that the students’ brains are put to good use. These sessions become very interactive and fun to do. The children will look forward to learning new concepts through this non-conservative method and learn a great deal.

How mind mapping helps in classrooms:-

  1. Flipping the classroom- This is a new term coined by educational experts, that requires students to study about a certain topic with the help of the Internet and social networking sites. So if a mind map of the very same topic is prepared, the students, who have explored these avenues for themselves, contribute with their enriching ideas and thoughts.
  2. Planning:- This best concept map maker, can help in planning an entire curriculum, plan lessons for every day learning and even aid in planning for different subjects. It even cuts down on unnecessary time that is taken to deliver a lesson.
  3. Forming Associations:- Mind mapping helps to form associations and affiliations to ideas and concepts that they learn in a certain topic, with that, that they are about to learn. This keeps them active and makes them enthusiastic learners.

So now that we have given you more than one reason to club mind mapping with e-learning, so not get started?

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