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Career Planning with Mind Maps

Mind Maps for Career Planning

Mind maps are the future “it” thing in planning and executing; an interesting, multi purpose tool, and yet, unlike most other such tools, it is as easy as wearing a shoe. Agreed, it might take some time in the beginning while you are learning, but once you do, it will become a subconscious process, and without realizing, you will be classifying your thoughts and ideas in the form of a mind map, at least a virtual one. Mind map software can be equally useful for anyone for studying for a subject, as they are for someone who wants to plan out a project. Another exciting use of the mind maps is to plan out your career.

Career Planning is a huge step in life, and you have to weigh every possibility against another carefully before deciding on a choice. While selecting the options, you might require a lot of help from your parents, friends, and especially the people who already are pursuing the career you are interested in.

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After the initial process of collecting the information, comes the part where you have to assess your chances and make the decision. This is where mind mapping can come to your help.

1. Note down your current foundation for a career

Make a list of all your strengths, weaknesses and other skill sets. Compare these against the requirements of your current workplace/job. Then compare them against the requirements of potential jobs in the future. Are you under, exactly or overqualified for the jobs?

If you are under qualified, check what changes you need to undergo to suit the job profile. If you are overqualified, keep an eye open for better jobs you could take where you can utilize your skills to the fullest.

2. Know your limits, set goals accordingly:

Often, while career planning, you could get carried away, and may set unrealistic goals for yourself. Know your own limits and abilities, and set your goals accordingly. This makes it easier to work towards achieving your goals, and also makes the mind map more concise and practical.

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3. Evaluate the options against one another:

Make a list of all the career options available to you. Add everything that you can think of, even your childhood ambition to be an astronaut.

Now, add four columns ahead of each option; the desirability, the potential, how realistic it is, and the drawbacks.

  •  Fill out these columns honestly, thinking about every column individually. With a clear mind, you will be able to eliminate a majority of the options on this list, and be left with a handful of genuinely good options.
  • With a bit more of the process of elimination, you will be left with a new career option for your future. What’s more, you now know this one is suited for you, because you have compared it up against all other possibilities, and are quite likely to thrive.Good luck choosing the right career with the best mind mapping software. Make sure you share your experiences with mind maps in the comments section!

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Improve your Presentations with Mindmaps

Mind Maps software for Presentations

When Buzan started hosting the BBC series Use your head, he meant literally! The father of mind maps has given the world what we have needed for ages.

Presentations are an unavoidable aspect at every level of the corporate world. Considering the fact that a good ten minute presentation successfully delivers as much information as required, this isn’t surprising. The few people who truly have mastered the art of presenting stuff know that it gives immense satisfaction.

One of the most popular, effective and unambiguous methods used by a majority of successful presenters is Mind mapping.

According to recent surveys, 44% of the subjects claimed that mindmapping improved their speed of working as compared to other methods. Another 49% claimed that the complexity was considerably reduced, while 40% of the test subjects claimed increased levels of creativity and clarity while working.

  1. Managing the presentation

Planning is one of the most crucial steps while making a presentation. The proverb “failing to plan is planning to fail” stands quite true here.

  • Make a mindmap which is all about the nature of your presentation depending on factors like desired outcome and target audience.
  • The outcome will keep you focused and the audience response will help you adapt your presentation.
  1. The content and multimedia

Your content defines your presentation and multimedia aspect shows how you plan to present it.

  • Make a mindmap of all the ideas that come to you and keep brainstorming until you can think of nothing more. Keep on revising till you obtain a final, finished one.
  • Utilize pictures and diagrams for better understanding of the subject and higher recall value.
  1. Tackling the dreadful nature

Even the best employees have a slight apprehension and stage fright while making a presentation.

It is no big deal if you are nervous before giving a presentation. Almost everyone gets the weak knees some time or the other; what is important is how you tackle it.

  • Make a mindmap of all the things that could affect you and make you nervous. Write how you will deal with these. For example, stammering is very common and can lead to a bad presentation; practice will make you better.
  1. Dealing with the unexpected – Think!

A lot of setbacks can stop you from giving a good presentation.

  • Make a mind map of all possible problems that could occur, right from you oversleeping to the projector not working, etc. Include the methods to avoid these problems.
  • Keep multiple backups of your presentation, which will make it impossible for you to lose it.
  • The thinking process while creating a presentation is very tricky, as many USPs may get overlooked while you are focusing over trivia.
  • Also, it is possible that while you are sticking to the basics, you overlook a more creative way to present an idea. Keep an open mind.

A good presentation is a long process, with plenty of preparation required, mentally and psychologically. Mind mapping makes this process simpler and more interesting, and often results in huge success and satisfaction.

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