Growth Hacking for Blogging

Growth Hacking for Blogging

Blogs are a great way for people to put across subjects of interests and the hobbies that they are most passionate about. Starting a blog is easy and people use blogs as a mode to communicate with their audiences. While some blogs are started with an objective of popularizing their business or brand, there are some who use blogs to be more vocal about things that they like. As a matter of fact, about 60% of customers feel more ensured about a brand after reading the content on their blogs. Also, 81% of the population in the US alone trust the information provided in blogs. Therefore, if you are a blogger, you have a huge responsibility. Once you start blogging, you need to work towards blog growth which brings your target audiences to your blog. Blog growth is essential in order to make your voice heard and to form a community of your own.

To make sure that your blog is making progress, having a blog growth model in place is crucial. Growing your blog directly translates to the growth of your business  or the awareness of interests for a personal blog. Having a growth model will give you goals to achieve in every aspect of your blog progress. The basic idea of a blog growth model comprises of three levels: traffic, conversion and behavior.  In the first level, you work on getting people to your blog. In the second, you try to convert these visitors to subscribers. In the third, you study the response people have on your content and produce more of that kind. Now that we have established the importance of blog growth, let us take a look at how mind maps can play a pivotal role in developing your blog growth strategy.

Mind mapping software helps you organize your tasks and content in each and every level of the blog growth model. In order to generate traffic in your blog, you can identify where your target audiences will be found and develop plans and work flows in online mind maps. You can work in detail on their personas, their likes, dislikes and so on. All this information can be documented using mind maps. Next, to convert these visitors into subscribers, you must concentrate on providing quality content. The best mind mapping software provides multiple advantages for working with content. Mind mapping software not only helps you arrange your thoughts while working with content but also proves to be a great way to plan and manage your blog more efficiently. Online mind maps are also easily available for you to make use of for your blog content. As a blogger, your connection with content is really deep-rooted. It starts from an idea conception that further builds on to become the final blog post that gives value to its readers through effective research and creative ideas. This entire process can be achieved using mind maps. Finally, to work in accordance with the behaviour you receive for your content, you can make use of mind maps for your reviews and analysis. In a nutshell, here are 10 ways to use mind maps for enhancing the growth of your blog.

  1. You can put all your brainstormed ideas in an organized manner.
  2. In order to know where your blog is leading, you need a good content plan. It can be developed using mind mapping software.
  3. Similar to a content plan, you will also require a marketing plan. Mind maps can help you both create and manage them.
  4. Conduct some competitive intelligence.
  5. Mind maps can help simplify your search engine optimization and keyword density and search efforts.
  6. Build outlines for your blogs.
  7. Review what you have already published. Take a look at how the audiences have responded to your content.
  8. A SWOT analysis will help your blog go a long way . You can use mind maps to perform them.
  9. Identify some of the key influencers and opinion leaders in your field of interest and keep track of how they function and what are the ways in which they publish.
  10. Create reader personas. These personas will help you understand your readers better, thus giving you a clear idea of the content that will be a hit with them.

The next time you sit down to write a blog post, give mind maps a shot. You will be hooked to them!

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